Worldbuilding Series Part 6: Western Magic

Eureka! I just got it. new balance 515 So my base concept for Western magic was that it was formulaic, predictable, and scientific. mu legend zen adidas originals That makes sense right? Because it is a direct opposite of Eastern magic, diacritology, that is more creative and a impulsive magic system. Air Jordan 21 adidas stan smith femme rouge Well the problem is that I found that answer to be really boring. A lot of magic systems are about memorization and formulas and all that junk. Air Foamposite One I didn’t want that. Nebraska Cornhuskers I wanted a magic system that said something interesting about the theme of virtue. mu legend zen for sale Parajumpers Homme Kodiak It is kind of pointless to a have a thematic structure to your world if it never comes into play. nike air max 2016 goedkoop I believe that a magic system based on creativity is perfect for the theme of passion, since that is where the source of art derives from. ugg classic mini sale Amari Cooper Alabama Jersey

But a formulaic magic system (to put it in a reductive phrasing) does not really meet the mark of the theme of virtue. New Balance buty damskie While having virtue does set boundaries and limitations upon actions it is by no means a straight jacket for life. But just before I sat down to write this post I got the idea. asics gel lyte 5 Nike Air Max 2016 Homme I needed a metaphor that would work well with virtue. oakley flak jacket Nike Air Max 90 Femme

And suddenly the idea of farming came into my mind. What if you had a magic system that was akin to the actions of a farmer, where over a long period of time the wizard nurtures and cares for a spell and then at the appropriate time “harvests” the spell and casts it. cheap mu Legend zen adidas stan smith Pas Cher Calvin Ridley Jerseys Drawing upon one of my earlier ideas, I can have the magic system be more based on enchanting items and talismans than the Eastern magic system. ray ban collection 2013 homme I have not worked on the languages of the West so I don’t have name for it yet.I keep on going back to Allomancy, but I can’t name it that because it’s already taken.

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