Winter and Vikings

When we announced Sojourn Volume 2, we also announced that this volume would have a theme: winter.  We told our authors that winter could be literal or metaphorical.  The story could be set in winter or it could deal with the themes of death and cold.  But winter had to be a significant part of the story.

We’re only a week into the submissions period, and I’ve read some amazing stories in this time.  What really interests me is how many of our authors have decided to borrow from Norse mythology and the ancient Vikings to tell their tales.

I suppose this was inevitable.  After all, the Vikings survived some hellish winters, and Norse mythology tells of Ragnarök, where one of the preceding events is the Fimbulwinter, or Mighty Winter.

Each story is absolutely unique, and winter is used in a different way.  But if you like the Vikings or Norse mythology, you will absolutely love Volume 2.  And if you don’t, well – you’ll still fall in love with the amazing stories.

About Laura K. Anderson

Laura is the editorial director for Sojourn: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction.

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