“Lily’s book, due to be published by Blink, will be “shocking

I haven’t even liked a tweet. Nothing.”So while Lily didn’t confirm that it had happened, she didn’t deny that it did either.Reports surfaced last month that Lily is planning to disclose the intimate details of her romp with the frontman in her new book, My Thoughts Exactly, which is due out later this year.(Image: Getty Images Europe)Lily’s book will also reportedly include a story about a run in with Liam and Nicole at The Ivy restaurant shortly after their flight.The source added that Lily approached Liam, who was dining with Nicole, her sister Natalie and her husband Liam Howlett, of Prodigy.They said: “But Nicole was not happy about it, as she had heard the gossip and it caused a few ructions between her and Liam.”Lily’s book, due to be published by Blink, will be “shocking and brutal”.Lily has said of it: “Some of it might be uncomfortable. It won’t be written with shame.

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