All the e commerce Replica Bags Wholesale companies are opting

Why RSS affiliate is against Walmart

‘If you allow Walmart to Fake Designer Bags operate in India, our manufacturing will finish completely.’

good quality replica bags ‘What will happen to Narendra D Modi’s dream then? There will be no Make in India.’ good quality replica bags

IMAGE: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, left, and Flipkart co founder and CEO Binny Bansal in Bengaluru, May 9, after the US retailer acquired a 77 per cent stake in Flipkart for $16 billion, in what is the biggest global e commerce acquisition. Photograph: PTI Photo

The talking point Designer Fake Bags in India right now is the $16 billion acquisition of India’s Flipkart by the American retail giant Walmart in what is the biggest global e commerce deal.

With this deal, the world’s largest retailer will take a 77% stake in the Indian company, in the process valuing the 11 year old company at more than $21bn, making it Walmart’s biggest acquisition.

bag replica high quality While many feel the deal will give a massive boost to entrepreneurship and the start up ecosystem in India, Professor Ashwani Mahajan of the Swadeshi Jaagran Manch the Rashtriya cheap replica handbags Swayamsevak Sangh’s economic affiliate says Walmart is “circumventing” rules for a “back door entry” into the Indian retail market. bag replica high quality

“What is going to happen in India is, on one side, you have Amazon and on Wholesale Replica Bags the other , Walmart.

high quality replica bags Many say the Walmart Flipkart deal marks the success of Indian entrepreneurship, but you have described the deal as ‘illegal, unethical’ and against the interests of the people. Why? high quality replica bags

buy replica bags online It is illegal because FDI is not Replica Handbags allowed in e commerce in this country. buy replica bags online

But foreign investors like TigerGlobal, SoftBank, etc have invested in Flipkart.

The Swadeshi Jaagran Manch raised this issue in 2016 and said it should be stopped. People asked, why?

When FDI in replica handbags china e commerce Replica Bags is not allowed in this country even now, how can these e commerce companies operate like this?

How can a foreign company come and buy a company in India?

Why we raised our voice was because they were giving huge discounts and thereby killing our small shopkeepers, booksellers, etc.

In fact, even the suppliers were asking them how they could give 25%, 30%, 40% discounts.

designer replica luggage When a book publisher supplies books at 25% to them, high quality replica handbags how were they able Replica Designer Handbags to give 40% discount to the customers? designer replica luggage

The truth is they are KnockOff Handbags using discounts as a tool to acquire the market. This is a cash burning model to capture and take over the market.

replica bags online Indian Handbags Replica e commerce companies also give discounts. replica bags online

I am not saying only they are doing it. All the e commerce Replica Bags Wholesale companies are opting for this cash burn model. Uber does the same thing, replica Purse as also Ola.

replica bags buy online When we raised our voice, they said they were not an e commerce company; they were platforms. replica bags buy online

Then we replica handbags online asked, how could platforms give aaa replica designer handbags such huge discounts when discounts could be given only by the sellers?

Then, the commerce ministry issued guidelines and they were refrained Fake Handbags from giving price distorting discounts.

Another condition imposed on them was no vendor with more than a 25% share can operate as a platform.

Remember, Designer Replica Bags the government issued guidelines for the platforms and not e commerce.

replica wallets So, this cash burning model continued. Now replica bags, they do purse replica handbags it in the guise of wholesale replica designer handbags B2B. replica wallets

replica bags china They started some subsidiary companies and started giving discounts to those companies. replica bags china

Is it not true that ultimately all customers want discounts?

high quality designer replica Would a patriotic customer like to sell his nation’s market itself in the name of these discounts? I am sure nobody would like that. high quality designer replica

If somebody is bringing in cash and burning it here, and in the process owning the market, it is not in the best interests of the nation.

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