The cake smash was great, they Handbags Replica were so well

Two sets of quadruplets smash cakes in first birthday themed photoshoot

(Picture: Lizzy McMillan/Caters NewsTwo mothers from the same town, who both suffered miscarriages before going on to have two sets of quadruplets just eleven days apart, have celebrated their quads’ first birthdays with an adorable ‘octo baby’ cake smash.

Mums of five Kylie Szafranski, 26, and Virginia Johnson, 35, from Phoenix, Arizona replica bags , became friends after discovering each other online following the birth of their quads last year.

best replica designer bags While Kylie and her husband Phil Szafrankski, 37, had three boys and one girl Damon, Gideon, Theo, and Emery Virginia and her husband Victor Johnson, 45, welcomed three girls and one boy Ava, Madelyn, Olivia and Victor Jr. best replica designer bags

good quality replica bags Virginia and her husband Victor Johnson, 45, with their children Ava, Madelyn, Olivia and Victor Jr. (Picture: Caters News)Stay at home mum Kylie said: ‘We had no idea that the other even existed purse replica handbags when we were pregnant. good quality replica bags

‘I had my four, and then just over a week later I saw on the local news that a woman in my area had given birth to quadruplets too.

‘Everyone was freaking out that there were two sets of quads born in Phoenix Wholesale Replica Bags so closely together.

replica bags online ‘We were actually in a mothers group replica handbags china together on Facebook, and eventually we began messaging each other and became friends after meeting up. replica bags online

replica bags buy online Kylie Szafranski, 26, high quality replica handbags and Phil , from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, with cheap replica handbags their Replica Handbags children (Picture: Caters News)’The babies Replica Designer Handbags would have only been a replica Purse couple of weeks old when we started talking. replica bags buy online

replica bags ‘We were so happy that the photographer Lizzy offered to aaa replica designer handbags photograph Replica Bags Wholesale all of our eight babies together. It was a great experience. replica bags

replica designer bags wholesale ‘After doing the colour Designer Fake Bags wheel photograph together, we decided that we’d like to keep doing milestone pictures together in the future. replica designer bags wholesale

‘It’s been so fun. The cake smash was great, they Handbags Replica were so well behaved.’

Virginia Johnson, 35, from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, when she was pregnant with quads (Picture: Caters News)Kylie said Fake Designer Bags the funniest thing from the photoshoot was that every baby was covered in icing, so in the end, they had to shove them in the sink at the studio to try to clean them up.

replica bags from china At the cake smash, each child’s colour was first designated to them at their newborn ‘rainbow babies’ photoshoot, with the term ‘rainbow baby’ referring Replica Bags to children born following a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. replica bags from china

replica wallets Before conceiving the quadruplets, both mothers had faced issues with infertility and went through the heartache of several miscarriages. replica wallets

(Picture: Lizzy McMillan/Caters News’It was amazing to wholesale replica designer handbags see a Designer Replica Bags follow up picture from their very first shoot together when they were newborns.

high end replica bags ‘It’s incredible to see them grow and flourish in front of the camera. high end replica bags

‘We’d love to continue doing shoots like this together as the babies grow up.’

The heartwarming collection of photographs were taken by professional newborn photographer Lizzy McMillan, who has continuously worked with the two families since the quadruplets were born and has captured their biggest moments throughout their first year of life.

(Picture: Lizzy McMillan/Caters News’For the cake smash, replica handbags online we knew we wanted to keep the rainbow theme going from their very Fake Handbags first session together.

‘We had no KnockOff Handbags idea how the babies would react to the cakes, but it worked out so well.

high quality designer replica ‘It is an amazing experience as a photographer to watch your clients start their journey as newborns, and observe their growth, celebrate their milestones, and capture their personality high quality designer replica.

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