I was punched in the chest by him twice

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canada goose coats Crazy story behind this picture. Thing is, Colonel Sanders wasn really a colonel. In fact, nobody knew who he really was, or where he got his supply. One of the early slogans of Kentucky Fried Chicken was, “Hey Colonel https://www.uscanadagooseoutletsale.com, Where Ya Get Those Chickens?” and in radio ads Sanders would only give a mischievous canada goose outlet parka chuckle in response. The first KFC billboard was of him winking holding a finger up to his lips. canada goose coats

Canada Goose sale So in an effort to find out, the government set up a sting. They canada goose outlet boston figured if he was going to get chickens from anywhere, why not a cooper? This picture was taken just as the feds were kicking down the door. Of course as we canada goose outlet in new york know now they were just smuggling heroine and Vietnamese boys, canada goose outlet 2015 which wasn exactly against the law back then, so nothing came of it. Elliot Ness career was ruined, though, and we never did learn where the fuck KFC gets all its chicken, or even Colonel Sanders real name. Canada Goose sale

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canada goose deals Al Gray is a canada goose outlet miami legend. I got to meet him about four or five times while he was Commandant, all by luck. I was punched in the chest by him twice. That how he greeted you. Helluva canada goose outlet in usa guy, and 100 all about the troops. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Outlet He tried to get rid of service uniforms saying Marines only need cammies and Dress Blues. Congress told him to fuck off. Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose A popular (if unsubstantiated) story about him while he was Commandant: He showed up on Capital Hill in cammies while all the other Generals showed up (as per usual) in their service alphas. He said it was his working uniform. He was told to knock that shit off. So he then showed up in his alphas. and dipping into a bottle. He was told to knock that shit off, too. Kelley, who had us wearing rank on our covers like the Army in our cammies. I never forget the DAY he was made Commandant, his first order was for all Marines to remove the rank canada goose victoria parka outlet from their covers. I was an MP on duty that night on the back gate of MCAS El Toro, and I remember smiling and telling every Marine in uniform to take the rank canada goose stockists uk off their covers because the Commandant put out an order to “Unfuck our covers.” Everyone was happy as fuck to do so. It was glorious. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose online One of the times I met him was during Desert Shield. We had canada goose parka outlet just gotten to Bahrain, and he came out to visit us. He found a group of Marines playing football with a home made football made of foam and some duck tape. He said, “This won fucking do. Get these Marines a real football!” Somehow, within a few minutes, there was a no shit real leather football right canada goose outlet trillium parka black there, and him throwing it to the guys. I don know how someone shit a football in the middle of nowhere, but there it was. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats canada goose jacket outlet store on sale I follow this guy into hell 100 times and then some. canada goose coats on sale

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canadian goose jacket Hooo Boyah, I remember the day he attacked freaking MCAS El Toro. I was in the last canada goose outlet locations in toronto squadron, those old F4 I thought man, he never come over here, he go see those F18 So we policed the place up and spit shined the place. We are kicking back in the shop shooting the canada goose outlet canada shit and I can just look out to the side of the hangar bay and all canada goose outlet niagara falls I see is a shit load of stars moving real fast. The only time I called the place to attention canada goose jacket uk it sounded a lot like “oh shit”. By the time I finished shit canada goose outlet in uk he had me, I 6 but was still a rag doll. He gave me two good shots on the back and walked through a bunch of other dogs who were in shock and yanked my buddy out of the overstuffed chair he is basically laying in, YANKED, and proceeds to beat him on the back like he is choking on a hedge hog. He scrubbed his hands like a mad man while he talked to us, it was bizarre. The whole time there was a little dude looked like a Staff Sgt and he canada goose outlet toronto factory kept talking to me canada goose outlet, I kind of gaffed him off, “like dude, I trying to listen to the Commandant, you keep talking to me.” The I notice he has a HUGE rank insignia and it canada goose outlet store toronto had a crotch emblem right in the middle. It took a while for my feeble mind to process, so he stuck his hand out and said “Hi I the new Sgt Major of the Marine Corps, boy it sure is good to goose outlet canada see those Phantoms out there, they saved our asses a bunch canada goose outlet houston of times in Vietnam.” Well I was just left slack jawed and agape. Just like that they were gone. I looked at my buddy that had been launched and said “he beat the shit oucha”. He looked at me and said “I pee guy, I pee a little.” canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale Thanks for jogging a good memory. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose I remember meeting the SgtMaj, too. The same trip in Bahrain, the SgtMaj of the USMC was walking through our area. We were just in the middle of shift change, and my buddy who was a Cpl was coordinating all the people coming off posts, and the new guys being taken out. The SgtMaj walks up to him and starts talking and my buddy just puts up a finger like, “Hold on.” The SgtMaj looks at him all crazy like and asks him, “Am I boring you, Cpl?” and my buddy, without seeing him or even knowing who he talking to, says, “No, but I busy, so you gotta wait a few minutes.” The SgtMaj laughed and said he hadn been told what to do by a Cpl in over 30 years and just walked off with his crowd canada goose.

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