Q: Aside from seeing a dermatologist

It a lot easier to figure things out and talk to people once you in Sweden. If your girlfriend is willing to support you whilst you get sorted out, then the easiest thing you can do is just get on a plane to Sweden and get on with it.I dropped out of Uni a few years ago and have been just doing shitty jobs since :/ Waste of my potential, years and nothing to show for it.Im on benifits just now in the UK since I got laid off after New Year and I at my ropes end with this place :(My parents mentioned helping me out with some money for the university loans but my priorities just now are get over there, get a job, find our own place. If I can get to Uni doing all that then Im sorted.Thanks again for the reply.

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In effect the company would be in a much worse position and at greater risk to buy out or merger from the other sharks in the tank who dont operate such ethical stuff. Also internal opposition to such a move from the board and shareholders would likely see Gates sidelined. Microsoft is such a big player in its industry that it is not at risk of buyout, and Bill Gates individual ownership is not likely to play a decisive role in any potential mergers.

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