“Time kept ticking so I texted my close friend asking when she

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canada goose factory sale Pregnant woman in floods of tears after nobody turns up to her gender reveal partyShe invited 11 of her closest friends to her gender reveal party and covered her house with girl or boy decorations17:16, 16 JUN 2018Updated19:19, 16 JUN 2018She just wanted it to be a special day (Image: iStockphoto) Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular with lots of expectant parents choosing to find out the sex of their unborn child with their nearest and dearest.But one woman was left heartbroken when her friends failed to turn up to her celebration.The 20 year old woman, who is 17 weeks pregnant, invited 11 people to the party and planned a nice afternoon with a buffet and decorations.However hours after it was due to start she was still waiting for people turn up and she ended up in floods of tears.Writing on the parenting website NetMums, she said: “So I’m 20 and I’m 17 weeks, I hosted a gender reveal at the weekend and was expecting around 11 guests (after cancellations) canada goose outlet , it was only at my house and I invited people that I feel genuinely close to.Woman completely transforms her life after boyfriend makes vile comment about her legs”It got to the starting time (3pm) and my friend who helped me prep and clean my house were eagerly waiting for people to show, at 3.30 my other friend who already knows the gender (so both of them knew already) arrived as her bus was late.”Time kept ticking so I texted my close friend asking when she was due, no reply.”It got to four and no one had arrived still. I spent the last of my money for the month on arranging this party, getting decorations and food and put on a full on mini buffet, and not one of the 10 people told me until 3/4/5pm that they couldn’t make it.”Two of my ‘friends’ showed up at 5 after I’d spent an hour crying, and then messaged me complaining I never said thank you for the cake they’d made (I said plenty of other nice things about it just forgot to say thank you as I was distressed).Mums who regret the name they picked for their baby reveal why they don’t like it anymore”It ended up being a gathering where all of the people except me were drinking and we watched tv.”The girl who didn’t text me back until 4 saying “I can come now” by which point I was so upset I told her not to bother (this person has no job, and she’s pregnant herself so surely she would understand how important this is to me?) even started arguing with me for being upset saying “I offered to come so don’t paint me with the same brush” and that I shouldn’t expect people to “turn up on the dot”.”I don’t have any family support and I was relying on my friends and felt completely heartbroken.”Am I wrong to be so bothered by it? I genuinely want to cut everyone who didn’t bother off even if they’e messaged me since, I feel like if they can’t put aside two hours of time to celebrate my baby why should they have the liberty of calling themselves ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’ despite clearly no support from them.”I’m still shook over it, my support network is literally at 3 people! I feel so isolated as I’m going to be a single mum and I have no one.”Read MorePregnancy everything you need to knowOther mums were very supportive and shared their outrage at her pals.One wrote: “The people who didn’t turn up ARE NOT friends! Cut them out your life. If they were friends they would’ve known this extravagance was important to you.”Another added: “Those people who were rude enough to accept an invitation and then not turn up are not your friends and I would suggest not wasting any more time (or money) on them canada goose factory sale.

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