Some Sojourn Reviews

A short while back, air max homme pas cher Cape Rust posted a review of Sojourn on Pop Cults. Scarpe Air Jordan 9 Kristine Chester just posted another one on Fanboy Comics. Air Max 2015
Being Fear the Boot’s first venture into publishing, Ray Ban Goedkoop I’m beyond thrilled with the positive reception the book has gotten from professional reviewers as well as the readers posting on Amazon,

Worldbuilding Series Part 5: Eastern Magic

The first thought that came into my mind about the magic is that the virtuous magic system should be more permanent, long lasting, and more concerned with items and talismans (basically enchanting). The passion magic is more bombastic with magic missiles, fireballs, and lightning bolts (think of the bending in Avatar: the Last Airbender). Now these were my kneejerk reactions to the problem (literally I came up with that concept within minutes), and I have kept to those concepts for weeks as I went about my daily routine for the last few weeks. Nike Air Huarache But as I sat down to write this post I found that concept a little stale and uninteresting. I liked the general idea but it needed some twist, some fun in order to make it work. I decided to match the passion magic with a metaphor about creativity. Asics Femme So the passion magic cannot do all the crazy stuff as mentioned (I’ll get to that below) but they can create in a manner of seconds anything that they imagine. Now that is pretty crazy, so let me as I create boundaries (i.e. the laws or rules) of the system.

  • Cannot create living organisms, only inanimate objects
  • Cannot “Impose”: that is you cannot create an item exactly in the place of another; things must be created in the open
  • Cannot create massive things (the largest even the best wizards can construct a building)
  • the system is built upon a complexity tier pyramid: the more complex something is the more energy, expertise, and time is needed to perform. asics gold Los Angeles Clippers So, for instance, building a complete house is a lot harder than building the separate materials of a house.
  • Also objects that are cast must react to the laws of physics. So lets say you create a javelin above your head right above your thrown arm while you are riding a horse at a full gallop. basket asics igs nike air max thea donna The created javelin will be launched forward at the speed of the horse.

I’m sure more rules and laws will appear to me in the future but that is it for now. new balance mens But I want to comment now on how the magic system works for the Easterners. Nike Blazer femme I guess I should give it a name. asics gel kinsei I first thought of calling it Conjuring but that is not as versatile a word as I wanted, since you can’t conjugate it that well (e.g. chemistry, chemist, chemical). So instead I turned to a conlang. I have actually developed at least four hundred root words for an ancient Eastern language (it is basically Italian put through a meat blender). nike air max 90 Air Jordan 7 I will have a post on conlanging but for now just build an ancient or proto language and then build up from there, it is both more interesting and complex and a lot more fun than going backwords. So anyway I came up with diacrita which means to “dream craft” or in another translation to “play with dreams.” The actual terminology would be diacritology, the study and practice; diacrition(s) (dye-uh-CREE-shuns) the practitioners of diacrita, and diacritic being the adjective form of the word. So Conjuring requires two phases, drafting (which is done in the mind) and casting (where the imagination is created). Drafting is where the diacritions is piecing together in his mind what he wants to create. Let’s say that he wants to draft a coffee table. nike femme solde goedkoop nike air max 2017 He can’t just zap it into existence, he has to think about and go over every single detail as if he had made the coffee table by hand. Adidas ZX “Has a wooden surface and four wooden legs,” he says. Well he wouldn’t be able to cast the spell because he would be trying to cast something of infinite size and dimension. nike air max 1 ultra homme Nike Scarpe Bambini This leads into another interesting aspect. When diacritions are at a young age they can virtually create anything of their hearts desire very easily (now these things are very simple and crude but are very impressive). What happens is that as they reach into maturity their wide breath of magic lessens and even disappears. The diacrition’s ability is limited to a certain field and within that field they can only craft a limited list of items within a few seconds. So the categories that they are limited to are determined by what they did a lot as novices. And the categories are as varied and as diverse as people’s interests from sculpture, to architecture, to warfare. That is where I am going to leave diacritology for now but let me just mention one thing: did you think about the problem of counterfeiting? So did I. nike air max classic bw That is an interesting question: how does a civilization adapt to the problem of a ton of people being able to make counterfeits.

Worldbuilding Series Part 4: Magic Primer

Sorry for the hiatus. ugg classic mini cheap Nike Nettbutikk I was graduating from high school and I have been busy writing and then completely rewriting my submission for Sojourn V2 (yeah, that is two 9000+ word stories). cheap jordans uk for sale So now onto magic systems. nike air max pas cher nike chaussures asics onitsuka tiger homme I am at a complete loss when it comes to developing magic systems. nike air max 2018 adidas femme They are something that do not come easily to me. air jordan soldes Nike France I do not know why. adidas js wings air jordan 12 womens air jordan Adidas NMD Goedkoop I love magic systems in video games, books and such but it is never something that I devote much time to. Air Jordan 4 Retro
The fate of my magic systems are usually vague and nebulous (and not in a good way). asics shoes nouvelle collection lunette ray ban femme So when it comes to not knowing what the hell to do, turn to the experts. adidas superstar soldes nike rosh run pas cher fille new balance outlet Fjallraven Kanken And the expert in my opinion is Brandon Sanderson. ray ban aviator price nike tn pas cher I absolutely love his books and the magic systems that he creates in his works. adidas gazelle new balance brown NIKE KOBE 11

First off, if you haven’t already get yourself antiquated with Sanderson’s Laws of Magic. ugg classic mini sale nike air max 2017 soldes I agree completely with his interpretation and his rules. new balance 999 penny hardaway Air Jordan 30 Homme Since I have never truly developed a magic system before (neither one that is scientific or wondrous) I will go on the side of a “hard magic system.” It makes sense that since my world is divided between the ideas of passion and virtue that I would give each “world” its own magic system. cheap adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Donna Well let me flip the table over by including three! Boom! The third system will be blood magic and it will be the “evil magic.” I want this magic system to be softer than the more standard types since it is so evil and mysterious (of course in the future I can always go and develop this more).