Submission Window Extended!

Good news for those of you who are so close to finishing up that story, but haven’t quite managed to do so yet – we’re extending our submission window! In order to open up the submission opportunity for Fear the Boot listeners, Dan will be making an announcement soon on the podcast. Because of that, our new closing date will be August 31, 2015. All other information remains the same, so be certain to check out Submission Information!

Submissions Now Open

Sojourn: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction is now accepting submissions for Volume 3. Please remember to submit a pitch to the editors prior to submitting your story. For information on our style guide and theme, visit our “Submission Information” page.

We will be accepting stories at the end of the submission window, so you won’t hear back from us until early June regarding your story, unless we make extensive edits. We’ll definitely edit your story if you get it sent in, but that does not guarantee you a place in Volume 3. We learned a lot about book size in creating Volume 2, and we will be limiting Volume 3 to 25 stories.

We’re excited to read your stories, so get them sent in!