The owner of the building has recently told the theater to

West Valley Playhouse in Canoga Park may need to move

replica designer backpacks The West Valley Playhouse took permanent residence in a Canoga high quality replica handbags Park building about 20 replica Purse years ago. The owner of the building has recently told the theater to vacate the site because she plans to sell the property. But a few weeks ago, aaa replica designer handbags its artistic producing director received a letter asking the theater to vacate the replica handbags online building. replica designer backpacks

replica bags buy online “If we have to go, it will be a big change,” said Jon Berry, adding that the theater KnockOff Handbags brought over 10 Goyard Replica Handbag ,000 new patrons from Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks and Simi Valley. replica bags buy online

Sandwiched between an office building and community center, the former Masonic lodge at 7242 Owensmouth Ave. in Canoga Park bears a sign that reads “West Valley Playhouse. SOS.” It represents another San Fernando Valley community where rising real estate costs have forced small businesses and nonprofits like the Replica Designer Handbags theater to leave familiar sites.

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7a replica bags wholesale Berry, 74, worked at a phone company when he moved from New York in 1969 and shortly began performing Handbags Replica in television shows, theaters and commercials. 7a replica bags wholesale

But in the 1970s , he purse replica handbags decided to leave the phone company and start his acting career. A few years later, helaunchedthe Woodland Hills Community Theatre and began shoppingfor Fake Handbags a lease.

“Every penny we made, we put it into production,” Berry said.

But the theater’s nomadic lifestyle came to an end when Berry approached Clyde Porter on the Valley Cultural Center board. Porter Co., the Replica Handbags multi million Woodland Hills company that produced motion control products for wholesale replica designer handbags aircrafts.

West Valley Playhouse Artistic Producing Director Jon Berry stands on the stage at the theater in Canoga Park May 4, 2018. The owner of the building has recently told the theater to vacate Designer Fake Bags the site because she plans to sell the property. The theater is now trying to raise money to save the space.(photo by Andy Holzman)

Berry asked Porter if he could take a look at a former church site to see if it would be goodfor a cheap replica handbags long term lease. Porter examined the building and advised not to Designer Replica Bags take it.

replica designer bags wholesale Then something unexpected happened. replica designer bags wholesale

“He turned to me and said, ‘what if my foundation purchased a property for you?” Berry said. “It was like a dream come true.”

One day, Porter called Berry and said he was meeting a Realtor to see a former Masonic lodge in Canoga Park.

buy replica bags “I was there before anyone else,” Berry said. “I didn’t want Wholesale Replica Bags to miss that opportunity.” buy replica bags

In Replica Bags 2000, Porter purchased the building, built a stage, installed about 170 seats and began leasing the space to the West Valley Playhouse.

high quality replica bags Over the years, the building became home to multiple events, plays and workshops. Many of them Replica Bags Wholesale were attended by Porter and his wife Mary Lou. high quality replica bags

replica designer bags But in 2006, Porter died. His two daughters inherited his foundation and properties. replica designer bags

It all seemed secure until a few weeks ago when Berry received an email saying that the foundation would be dissolved and the new owners were planning to sell the building.

high end replica bags Berry says the theater is self sustained, but it still can’t afford to purchase Fake Designer Bags its own building. high end replica bags

“We don’t have to be here, but we want to be here,” Berry said, as he stood in a theater lobby on a recent afternoon.

replica bags He recently set up a GoFundMe page to keep the current building in Canoga Park and has raised about $5,000. Berry said he needs about $350,000 to make a downpayment to purchase the site which costs about $2 million. replica bags

replica bags online George Johnson, a 84 year old resident of West Hills who has attended the playhouse since 2001, said he hoped his community would find a way save the playhouse. a great replica handbags china palace to go see a play, he said. always enjoy their plays. We need a first class playhouse here.” replica bags online.

What I did was every time I felt the need to drink

turkey moves to ban its largest gay group

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Several years ago I had a thing for wide legs

an unexpected encounter on the banks of the currambene

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daily, with a loose leaf tea counter, small bites of pastries

tea and brunch spot The Stove coming to Henderson

replica designer bags wholesale A view of a new breakfast and lunch spot called The Stove, which will offer a main dining room, a Coffee Chill room and a Twisted Tea Room, high quality replica handbags in Henderson, Nevada on Sunday, May 6, 2018. replica designer bags wholesale

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good quality replica bags Nunez says he not concerned with the legacy of Standard Pour or several others that didn last at the location (including a short lived outpost of the popular local tapas restaurant Firefly). good quality replica bags

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aaa replica bags Yodeling Boy Mason Ramsey Signs With Atlantic Records, Debuts First Single aaa replica bags

Yodeling Boy Mason Ramsey Signs With cheap replica handbags Atlantic Records, Debuts First Single Ramsey, who shot to fame after a viral video of him yodeling Handbags Replica at an Illinois Walmart surfaced, just debuted “Famous.” “If I gonna be famous for somethin wanna be famous for lovin you/If I gonna be known around the world/I wanna because of Wholesale Replica Bags you, girl” Mason Ramsey, “Famous” replica Purse It’s been quite the rush to stardom for the 11 year old, who appeared on The Ellen Show and performed at Coachella earlier this month. “I’d been to Nashville a few times before, but never thought Replica Handbags something like this would happen. It’s a dream to sign with Atlantic and Big Loud.” Mason Ramsey “I loved recording ‘Famous’ and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Dwayne Rock Johnson Welcomes New Baby Girl!

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Prince death investigation coming to an end

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Today, all that I could get out of her was a weak “Hi”

The Matrimonial Switch

As soon as I entered the college cafeteria, I spotted Sudha sitting all by herself. There was a letter in her hand and she did not look happy. Anyway I walked up

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Ramesh. She was hoping to make Ramesh propose to her during the picnic. I sat next to her and tried to work out a solution. We both knew that her father will not take ‘no’ for an answer. Suddenly

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thought I was nowhere near Sudha in looks or figure and so there was no danger of the guy proposing marriage. Well at that time I had not been subjected to Sudha’s talents for make up.

Canada Goose sale She started her work in right earnst by asking me strip down to my undies. It took her an hour to wax my body. The threading of eyebrows, the facial, the make up Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale and the setting of canada goose outlet jackets my hair took another hour. Then she let me go to canada goose factory outlet the bathroom. There I took off the last piece of my clothing and wore the specially padded panties which added a few inches to my canada goose black friday sale

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found breasts exposed. As I turned to face her, I found her examining me canada goose outlet 2015 critcally.

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Canada Goose Jackets said Sudha as she picked up the camera and clicked a few shots of me in this state canada goose discount uk of undress and locked up the camera before I could grab it. In frustration, I started crying. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Outlet Sudha came up, hugged me and kissed my tears away. canada goose outlet toronto She canada goose outlet sale reminded me of how important the picnic was for her. I relented and smiled at her. She released me. I went Canada Goose Outlet

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Canada Goose online While I admired myself in the mirror, Sudha came up from behind and gently moved me away. ” We have things to do, my dear and very little time left.” She handed Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket me canada goose outlet uk sale a salwar kameez and asked me to wear it. The kameez (loose fitting top) was made of pure orange coloured silk with elaborate embroidary in thread. The orange colured canada goose outlet ottawa salwar (loose baggy pants of canadian goose jacket.

Ze hebben een smorgesborg scheten

We hebben deze net gevonden en wat een gas!! Op zoek naar scheetgeluiden, echte scheetgeluiden, grote, sappige scheetgeluiden of echt grappige scheetgeluiden? Nou dan loop je naar het Assy McGee-fartboard en begin je weg te scheten. Ze hebben een smorgesborg scheten. We hebben de scheetmachine samengesteld met al onze favoriete scheetgeluiden, scheetgeluiden, scheetmuziek en meer.

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Why RSS affiliate is against Walmart

‘If you allow Walmart to Fake Designer Bags operate in India, our manufacturing will finish completely.’

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IMAGE: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, left, and Flipkart co founder and CEO Binny Bansal in Bengaluru, May 9, after the US retailer acquired a 77 per cent stake in Flipkart for $16 billion, in what is the biggest global e commerce acquisition. Photograph: PTI Photo

The talking point Designer Fake Bags in India right now is the $16 billion acquisition of India’s Flipkart by the American retail giant Walmart in what is the biggest global e commerce deal.

With this deal, the world’s largest retailer will take a 77% stake in the Indian company, in the process valuing the 11 year old company at more than $21bn, making it Walmart’s biggest acquisition.

bag replica high quality While many feel the deal will give a massive boost to entrepreneurship and the start up ecosystem in India, Professor Ashwani Mahajan of the Swadeshi Jaagran Manch the Rashtriya cheap replica handbags Swayamsevak Sangh’s economic affiliate says Walmart is “circumventing” rules for a “back door entry” into the Indian retail market. bag replica high quality

“What is going to happen in India is, on one side, you have Amazon and on Wholesale Replica Bags the other , Walmart.

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But foreign investors like TigerGlobal, SoftBank, etc have invested in Flipkart.

The Swadeshi Jaagran Manch raised this issue in 2016 and said it should be stopped. People asked, why?

When FDI in replica handbags china e commerce Replica Bags is not allowed in this country even now, how can these e commerce companies operate like this?

How can a foreign company come and buy a company in India?

Why we raised our voice was because they were giving huge discounts and thereby killing our small shopkeepers, booksellers, etc.

In fact, even the suppliers were asking them how they could give 25%, 30%, 40% discounts.

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The truth is they are KnockOff Handbags using discounts as a tool to acquire the market. This is a cash burning model to capture and take over the market.

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I am not saying only they are doing it. All the e commerce Replica Bags Wholesale companies are opting for this cash burn model. Uber does the same thing, replica Purse as also Ola.

replica bags buy online When we raised our voice, they said they were not an e commerce company; they were platforms. replica bags buy online

Then we replica handbags online asked, how could platforms give aaa replica designer handbags such huge discounts when discounts could be given only by the sellers?

Then, the commerce ministry issued guidelines and they were refrained Fake Handbags from giving price distorting discounts.

Another condition imposed on them was no vendor with more than a 25% share can operate as a platform.

Remember, Designer Replica Bags the government issued guidelines for the platforms and not e commerce.

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Is it not true that ultimately all customers want discounts?

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If somebody is bringing in cash and burning it here, and in the process owning the market, it is not in the best interests of the nation.

I emerged with mud caking my boots, ankles, knees and backside

A good chunk of those vertical feet were logged high above Galena’s storied forests. A bitter cold front settled in the valley during my stay. Morning temperatures at the lodge were about minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit and the skies were clear and sunny.

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It came with a Mam’selle handbag which was made of a white

Sindy Mam’selle Outfits

Canada Goose canada goose outlet online online The Mam’selle Gear Get Ups range of outfits were made in Lines Brother’s Richmond factory between 1965 and 1967. They were designed for Sindy, Paul and Patch and for all 10 to 12 inch teenage dolls. They cost less than the official Sindy outfits, and whilst this did not detract from the quality of their design; the cheaper manufacturing and materials used sometimes does. Canada Goose online

Some of these garments had labels, but they are very rare, see above left. Another way to recognise them is that they have very distinctive flat Newey poppers, see the two photos above middle and right.

Canada Goose sale Cataloging the Mam’selle range is extremely difficult and we have been unable to find a single definitive source of all the products available. We have gathered together everything we can find but our own collections are incomplete and we would be grateful for any advice other collectors might have on this range. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap The Mam’selle range suffered the same fate as Paul when Lines Bros. (Richmond) Ltd rationalised pending the move to Canterbury. Because they were only available for such a short time, and also because they were not quite the same quality, and perhaps because they were not so prized at the time as the ‘real’ Sindy outfits, good examples of these are now extremely hard to find and can fetch enormous prices. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Described as in the Pedigree catalogue, this sleeveless shortie nightshirt and matching briefs were made of blue and white striped cotton. The bottom hem edge of the nightshirt and both the arm and canada goose outlet hong kong leg holes were bound in a red binding, with a matching red bow on the nightshirt. The neck and chest of the night shirt and the top of the briefs were trimmed with cotton lace. canada goose outlet ottawa The nightshirt fastened with a flat white painted metal popper. There was a pair of white daisy sandals for her feet and for bedtime reading she carried a copy of Beat Express magazine which was made from double sided printed card. The dress consisted of two parts sewn together. There was a sleeveless underdress with a floral pattern on a turquoise blue background made of cotton. Over this was an overdress of light blue chiffon which formed see through long sleeves with gathered cuffs. The dress was trimmed with white canada goose vest outlet cotton lace round the neck, at the cuffs, the low back opening and bottom hem. At the neck there was a light blue satin grosgrain ribbon tab decorated with a flat pale blue painted popper. The dress fastened at the back with the same flat pale blue painted popper. There are variations of this dress with different floral material and with different coloured ribbon tabs and poppers, the chiffon overdress can also be found in different colours.

cheap Canada Goose A sleeveless white cotton motif T shirt with a slash neck and a denim skirt. This T shirt was very roughly made of stretchy cotton, interlock stitched to stop it fraying around canada goose outlet black friday the neck, arms and along the bottom, although the opening at the back was finished off canada goose premium outlet with a thicker cotton material probably to attach the flat red painted metal popper it fastens with. Printed on the T shirt in a red print was the Sindy from her logo. Teamed up with a grey denim hipster skirt which fastened at the back of the waist with one flat black painted metal popper. The skirt had four light grey belt loops with white stitch detail, sewn on at the waist which held a wide red plastic belt. We don’t think this outfit came with shoes. cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket A knee length cream coloured dress made of a light cotton flannel. It had a high waist with two darts under the bust and three quarter length sleeves. The sleeves and yoke were made of a fine machine knitted wool and cotton thread pattern to give the effect of crochet. The sleeves and neckline were finished with a white binding and the dress fastened with two flat brass poppers at the back. On her breast Sindy wore a tiny detailed canada goose factory outlet vancouver ‘gold’ fob watch which fastened on the dress with a tiny brass broach pin (see inset photos on the right). The watch is very detailed with a watch face on one side and the watch mechanism with cogs and screw heads on the back. In edition 6 of 12S magazine this outfit is shown with cream tights which match the crochet pattern of the sleeves and yoke, however we have never seen these and would be interested in whether any collector actually has them, as they are not referred to in any style leaflets we have seen. We are also unsure as to what shoes (if any) came with this outfit. We think the one above left is an earlier set and the one above right is the later set. We believe this set was originally a generic Lines Brothers Triang product called ‘Hairdo Set’ (see the Triang catalogue above top left and centre). It was repackaged, repurposed, and repositioned for Sindy as a Mam’selle Gear Get Up product. buy canada goose jacket

The problem with these sets is that it is difficult to know what was originally included because they contain little pieces that are easily lost and which may have been substituted over the years. Neither set has a towel but between them one can see that the set included eight curlers, a canada goose outlet boston shampoo sachet, hair net, hair grips, brush, comb mirror.

canada goose deals The later set (above) was found with two shampoo sachets. An original Mam’selle shampoo sachet and also the Sindy shampoo sachet with red writing. The owner suspects that one of these sachets was added to this set later on, but which one? As you can see the 1966 Pedigree trade catalogue illustration depicted the later Sindy shampoo sachet with the red writing together with a towel (an example is shown above right). These accessories look identical to those included with Sindy’s first Bath (see 1968 Scenesetters). We don’t know if this Mam’selle set was actually updated to include these new Sindy accessories, or whether was it just depicted with these Sindy items as a marketing tactic to appeal to the new market of Sindy owners. We suspect that it was not actually updated because we cannot recall ever seeing one with the towel. canada goose deals

canada goose clearance sale But, if you have seen an updated set or if you have any more information on this intriguing set, please do get in touch. canada canada goose outlet in uk goose clearance sale

canada goose Sindy’s Garden was a pretty floral box containing a red plastic trough with a yellow sticker on the side and a contrasting yellow plastic drip tray, two yellow plastic flower pots with contrasting red pot saucers, a plastic bag of compost labelled prepared for Sindy’s Garden and two packets of seeds also labelled prepared for Sindy’s Garden The seeds were dwarf varieties of Phlox and Livingstone Daisies and they came in beautifully illustrated packets showing Sindy, Paul Patch working in a greenhouse. Sindy was wearing her ‘Weekenders’ outfit, Patch was in her ‘Dungarees’ and Paul had his ‘Casuals’ sweater on. canada goose

canada goose coats Lovely accessories for Sindy outfits. A white Mam’selle handbag, white stockings and white plastic calf length ankle boots. There was also a long shimmering purple chiffon scarf (top left hand corner) made from the same material as the top layer of the Mam’selle ‘Hello Dolly’ dress and the headband. Very 1960s in their style and so fashionable at the time especially the white stockings. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Jackets The photo above right shows how the scarf, stockings and handbag could be used to accessorise an outfit, in this example ‘Op Art’ (see immediately below). The scarf was quite a crude item and it was finished off without a seam. Therefore, there was a tendency for the edge of the fabric to fray quite badly, which may account for why this item is so very hard to find today. Canada Goose Jackets

Optical art is an art form concerning the interaction between illusion and picture, and understanding and seeing, such works are abstract, with many of the better known pieces made in only black and white. The term was first used in 1964 and in this regard Sindy’s dress really does reflect the times. This was a sleeveless dress with a scoop neck and a low V back. The bodice was made of white cotton with canada goose outlet edmonton a honeycomb design in the weave of the material. The armholes and neck were bound in black canada goose outlet michigan and overstitched in white, and the two tone effect was carried through to the skirt which was printed with an op art design. The black and white theme was continued with the decorative black faux belt with a white tag sewn on the skirt. The dress fastened at the back with a flat black painted metal painted popper.

A navy blue two piece suit made of cotton sailcloth. All the edges were trimmed with red binding canada goose uk site and there is a decorative white hoop on the collarless jacket and which is repeated on the skirt. The jacket fastened at the front with one white painted metal flat popper, and the skirt fastened at the back of the waist with one flat red painted metal popper. It came with a Mam’selle handbag which was made of a white vinyl which fastened with a pull though brass stud and a pair of Sindy’s white kitten heel court shoes. We have variations of this outfit which are believed to be authentic, there is a version which is made of a softer lighter coloured cotton with a slightly different shaped bag, and a version which has a flat red painted metal popper at the front rather than white (see photo on the right).

A thick white cotton fisherman’s knit jumper with a thickly ribbed neck, wrists and waist. It came with a pair of navy three quarter length trousers made of cotton sailcloth. The trousers had turn ups and a front fly fastening of a flat Newey metal popper with a black plastic cap (we don’t know whether there are others which were just painted). There was a yellow vinyl duffel bag with a red white cord and the outfit was completed with a pair of flat white shoes. We understand that this outfit came with a pair of Sindy’s white lace up sneakers and a pair of her sunglasses and so we have included these in the photo.

Canada Goose Parka Fully lined with white satin, this blue, green and white finely brushed cotton plaid coat and matching peaked baker’s boy cap was very fashionable. The collar of the coat and the peak of the cap were made of shiny black plastic. The coat fasted with three black painted metal poppers. The cap wasn lined and was made up of four triangular pieces of fabric with a flat black painted metal popper at the crown which they met. A shiny black shoulder bag with a fringe and a front flap, with a stud on it which did not open, and a pair of black knee high boots canada goose outlet in toronto completed the outfit. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Outlet For this party dress, Sindy was given a 1920s canada goose outlet los angeles flapper style, sleeve less , knee length dress canada goose uk made of of purple cotton covered with a layer of beautiful shimmering nylon chiffon. It had a low waist, scooped neckline, the armholes were trimmed with a white nylon binding and the dress fastened at the back with a flat black painted metal popper. The skirt was decorated with three tiers of fine white fringing, each tier decorated with a white cotton embroidery flower. There was a matching headband made of a piece of the purple chiffon folded and stitched to a one inch piece of thin white elastic, and a pearl necklace. The dress also came with a pair of backless sandals which look like Sindy’s kitten heel two strap backless sandals; however we cannot establish which colour they were, as we have seen conflicting references to both her white and her gold black sandals. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose store A chocolate brown, corduroy sleeveless pinafore dress trimmed with black cotton binding on the armholes and neckline which fastened at the back with a flat black painted metal popper. Underneath the pinafore was a mustard coloured canada goose outlet , long sleeved, turtle neck cotton knit jumper with ribbing around the neck, wrists and waist which fastened at the back of the neck with a flat black painted metal popper. The outfit came with black cotton stretch tights and a silver medallion which could be worn as a necklace or as a chain belt. The medallion had the head of an Egyptian Pharaoh on it and is now extremely hard to find. We have seen this item boxed and it did not come with shoes. canada goose canada goose outlet new york store

Described as a away ensemble this is a three piece outfit consisting of an collarless edge to edge duster coat, a co ordinating sleeveless dress and a matching hat. The coat was made of pink cotton with the edges (but not the hemline or the cuffs) edged in orange binding. There were two chest height faux pocket lapels made of the same orange trim. The faux wraparound dress (it is actually sewn from the hemline to the waist) was made of a complimentary orange, pink and white floral cotton, with orange cotton binding around the armholes. It was trimmed down the front and around the neck with a ruffle of the same material, and it fastened with one white painted metal popper at the front of an elasticated waist. The hat was made of four triangular sections of the floral material sewn together with a little brim of the same fabric ruffle with a stylish slight overlap. It had a little orange loop on the crown where the four sections met. Although shown here in these photos with pink Mam’selle shoes, we believe this outfit actually came with white kitten heel court shoes.

canada goose coats on sale This gorgeous long sleeved gown had a red velvet scooped necked bodice with a low V back and was trimmed with white fake fur around the wrists and neckline. The full length creamy satin skirt had canada goose outlet uk sale an embossed snowflake pattern sprinkled with coloured glitter and there was a stiff net underskirt to ensure the pattern could be shown in all its glory. The gown fastened at the back with one flat white painted popper. There was a silky blue ribbon sash with Sindy printed in red and it fastened with a fine gold stud similar canada goose outlet england to a split pin. There was a silver metal crown. We are unsure as to what shoes (if any) came with canada goose outlet real this outfit. canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket A three piece outfit consisting of a collarless jacket and matching skirt made of apple green textured cotton linen with a turquoise cotton binding around the collar and front edges of the jacket, and around the waistband and hemline of the skirt. The binding formed a bow tie fastening for the jacket and the skirt fastened with one flat brass popper at the back of the waist. Underneath the jacket was a sleeveless cotton blouse of a co ordinating white, turquoise, green and salmon pink floral print. It had the same turquoise binding around the armholes and it fastened with three canada goose outlet woodbury brass poppers down the front (please see photo on the right). We are unsure as to what shoes (if any) came with this outfit. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance Described as Sindy’s holiday gear this lovely casual set was just right for messing about on boats. It consisted of a pair of white cotton drill bell bottoms edged in a blue cotton trim and with a red cotton hoop trim approximately one inch from the bottom of the legs. These trousers fastened with one flat dark blue painted metal popper. On top Sindy wore a white mesh top with three quarter length sleeves. The neck front was scooped in shape whereas the back was more V shaped. The bodice was lined with a thin dark blue cotton and the edges of the sleeves were also trimmed in the same blue binding as the trousers. The top opened down the back and fastened at the back of the neck and at the waist with two flat dark blue painted metal poppers. For Sindy’s head there was a navy blue captain’s hat made of thick dark blue cotton with a dark blue vinyl peak. It had an elasticated hat band and there was a jaunty gold coloured metal anchor emblem attached above the centre of the peak. She carried a light blue duffle bag which was made of plastic with a grained effect. It was glued rather than stitched and it had with a red white twisted string handle. This outfit did not come with shoes. canada goose clearance

A red long sleeved, low waisted coat with a matching hat. The coat was made of a soft wool material in a bright pillar box red. The neck, cuffs and hemline were edged with faux fur leopard skin. The front edges were trimmed with a black cotton binding and the coat fastened at neck with one flat black painted metal popper with another hidden sewn on metal snap fastener at the waist. The drop waist was accentuated with a row of black stitching. The large beret style hat was made of the same faux fur leopard skin decorated with a faux fur bobble. The outfit was completed with a large white plastic canada goose outlet ontario oval shoulder bag with a flap which fastened with a gold split pin type stud, it is did not open. We cannot verify the footwear but we believe this outfit came with white plastic calf height ‘shortie’ boots.

canada goose black friday sale This was a striking dress reminiscent of a chequered flag which was used to used to promote the new Ford Cortina MkII in 1966. The Sindy version is a faithful replica, and was a long sleeved shift cotton dress with a solid white round neck cotton collar. The matching chequered hat was made up of four pieces of triangular fabric stitched together and it had a white flipped up brim to match the dress’s collar. It fastened at the back with flat white painted metal popper. Photo above right 40th anniversary issue of MkII Cortina Owners Club magazine, and photo below one of the original adverts canada goose black friday sale.

The gentlemen in 1 2 also had paid a lot extra and were

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