Six submissions in the first week!

I knew the Fear the Boot community was really into Volume 1, but I guess I hadn’t realized just how excited they were about the anthology in general.  When we made the initial announcement that we were already thinking about Volume 2, all fifteen authors from the first volume were interested – but so were at least a dozen more.  So far we have over thirty people who have expressed interest in writing for Volume 2.

The submission period opened up on April 1.  Maybe choosing April Fools’ Day was a bad idea, but I hadn’t thought about that in advance.  But it wasn’t a joke on our end, and I’m pleased to say that none of our authors sent us any gag stories.  We did have one minor running joke about making the entire anthology bodice-ripping romance stories, but that died down pretty fast.

Today is April 4.  That means submissions have been open for less than a week.  And we’ve had six people already turn in their initial drafts.  I cannot express how exciting this fact is to me, especially when you consider that five of those authors are new to Sojourn.  So far I’ve read through three of them, and they’re amazing stories – especially considering that they’re early drafts.

If you’re not yet excited about Volume 2, you should be.