Submission Information

Our submission window will be February 1 – August 31, though we are currently accepting your story pitches and queries.  Make certain to send these to us before you send us your actual story, please!  Stories that are submitted outside of the submission window will be returned unread.

Before you submit to Sojourn, make certain that you’ve read our information about future volumes, as well as our style guide.
Stories that do not follow the style guide or do not meet the requirements for Sojourn’s theme will be returned unread. Corrections can be resubmitted during the submission window.
Stories may be part of a larger work but they must be self-contained and not rely upon the larger work to make sense.  Additionally, stories can include characters that have been published in previous works, provided the author has free use of the character.
Stories submitted early in the submission window (February, March, or April) will be given the opportunity for intense edits and revisions, if for example an author sends in an early draft of their story, and authors will be allowed to resubmit.  Stories submitted in May or June will not be be subject to this kind of intense editing process, and stories submitted in May or June are expected to be final drafts.

Stories that go through intense edits and revisions will not necessarily be accepted – the editors are simply giving authors extra chances to make corrections.

Stories must be speculative in nature, but can include anything from alternate history to science fiction.  We rarely accept poetry, though we’re willing to consider it.  Before submitting, please query the editors.

All submissions, queries, and pitches should be sent to the editors at

One thought on “Submission Information

  1. I am interested and wonder what the word “Sojourn” means to the anthology group. It has always been one of my favorite words when writing. I look forward to your reply and hopefully partnering with your publication in the future.

    Respectfully, Sharon Rezac Andersen