Volume One

126517We are proud to announce the release of the first volume of the Sojourn anthology.  This book is a collection of 15 stories by 15 authors, each telling the tale of an exciting world for you to visit.  You might find yourself following a boy in the mists of prehistory, trying to survive a losing war against an alien race, debating theology in a galactic forum, or trapped on a world where words themselves have become weapons.

This book marks the first publishing venture of Fear the Boot, an RPG podcast, bringing together its hosts, community members, and industry professionals, all eager to share their unique stories with you.

“Our organization has always been about community, centered around a hobby that focuses on storytelling,  So when the anthology first got started, I wanted it to reflect the diverse perspectives and talents already represented. The result has exceeded my highest expectations, both in terms of the stories told and the quality of product itself. I’m very proud to have our name associated with it.” — Dan Repperger, Moderating Host of Fear the Boot

Print and ebook versions are available at these fine retailers and can be ordered from your favorite, local bookstore using the industry-standard Ingram catalog.  Pick up a copy today and begin your very own Sojourn!